Matthew Wilkes | Age: 22 | Alias: Quon | Affiliation: Q Branch | FC: Michael Cera

He’s the youngest of the Wilkes, and is extremely close with his siblings but not so close with his parents. His parents worked a lot during their childhood and the Wilkes kids raised themselves and are very independent. He graduated high school at 16 and went to university right after. He majored in Anthropology and Mythology. 

He grew bored with school rather quickly obtaining the highest degrees in both by the age of 20. Soon after he joined MI6. They assigned him to Q Branch. He’s the go-to guy for decoding secret messages and patterns. 

Matthew keeps to himself and is awkward when he is in public places. Usually when he talks to other Q Branch members he isn’t as awkward, but anything more than work and he’s babbling on.

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