Name: Jude Wagner | Alias: Lazarus |  Age: 32 | Affiliation: Empire | FC: Aaron Paul
Jules is a people person. That is, he enjoys watching them. He enjoys observing them go about their daily routine and getting to know them on a personal level. He enjoys learning their strengths and weaknesses and figuring out who else is important in their lives and then, and only then, does he enjoy taking all that away. He’s a people person in that he can pinpoint, by studying and watching a person, just how much pain they can take before breaking. Jules was a kid raised in a family of police officers, constables, and his great grandfather had been a police commissioner. As for Jules? He flunked the psychological examination repeatedly and was turned down by the Royal Air Force as well.

His behavior can be erratic at times and it’s obvious Jules is the kind of guy who likes to fly by the seat of his pants but there’s no denying that he’s also quite intelligent. After realizing he’d never be like the other men in his family, Jules decided to fake his own death and ‘drop off the grid’. Rather than face sitting in a cubicle as a desk jockey for the rest of his life he joined up with the Empire as an assassin. The Empire gave him free range to shoot and kill and stalk and be himself while also giving him an excuse to go after the very people who turned him away. Part of him is still striving, in his own twisted way, to be just as good as his father and brothers and to show his family he’s not a complete screw-up.